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1. How do you (inner child) see me adult self)

2. How do you describe your current state of being?

5. What is the main issue that needs to be healed?

4. How can I help you heal it?

5. What should we do more of?

6. What do you need to feel safe?

7. What do you need to feel loved?

8. What is your gift?

9. How on we not on that

10. What is your biggest fear?

II. What are your dreams for your life

12. What unconscious belief systems are no longer serving us ?

13. What are you ready to release?

14. What nurtures you?

15. What do you love about yourself?

16. What brings you joy!

17. Whet specific emotion/situation do you need to process?

18. What nightmares you have ?

19. How can you defeat or befriend theme?

20. Who are your heroes & what traits do they embody?

21. Who would you be in the fairy tale of your life?

22. What aspect of yourself can you befriend today?

23. What unknown territory on you adventure to?

24. What magical tools do you have to help guide you?

25. What is a mantra/affirmation that on help you?

26. What techniques can you use when you encounter trouble?

27. How can you self soothe?

28. How can you be brave in your life?

29. What is the next step that will bring the most growth?

30. What last message do you want to tell me?

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