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Code of Ethics and Instructions 

  • Fill the contact form and I will email you back with my PayPal link.

  • All returning clients get priority.

  • All communication is done via email : or contact form . I can miss you in my mentions or DMs on busy days.

  • Add the type of reading you picked in the subject of emails and PayPal notes.​

  • I will email you a list of sample tarot questions if you are a first timer. Open ended questions like what spirit wants you to know can have diverse messages, if any particular thing is weighing heavy on you, please mention the area concerned like what spirit wants me to know about my love, career, relocation.

  • PayPal is the only mode of payment that I can accept for readings.

  • ​Readings provided within 3-10 days of energy exchange except emergency readings. In case you need a rushed reading , kindly enquire and add a fee of $20 to get reading on in window of 24-48 hours.

  • I don’t provide refunds except in the cases where I cannot deliver readings due to sickness or my schedule.​

  • Readings given in typed format / audio format with pictures of cards over email. phone readings also available.

  • Dream, omen and picture readings are closed during some transits /eclipses.

  • I appreciate use of trigger warnings when describing violence or trauma especially in case of dream, omen interpretations.

  • I will not provide refunds except in cases where I am unable to provide readings due to my schedule or emergency.

  • All the information shared stays private and confidential.​

  • No death related or legal questions will be addressed. ​

  • I will not be rushed and any kind of rudeness or disrespect will ensure no further contact with me.

  • My reading style is gentle, honest, compassionate and non-judgmental. You can ask me follow up questions and doubts if you have any. 

  • I do not discriminate on basis of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or age.

  • LEGAL DISCLAIMER: All tarot readings are for guidance purposes only. I am not a licensed psychologist, psychiatrist, medical doctor, lawyer, or professional financial advisor. We will not discuss topics such as serious health conditions, death,  legal issues, or court cases of my readings. You must be 18 or older to book any readings with me.

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