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About Me



Hello beautiful souls, 

I am Shivani , Spiritual Advisor and Diviner from India,

I have been working with tarot, face readings , sidereal Astrology, numerology, reiki, dreams and omens from last six years to help my clients in areas of love, career, relationships and spiritual growth. My reading style  is clear, concise, compassionate, truthful ,non-judgemental and to the point. Your well-being will be the intention set before starting a reading. 


 My work uses tools for illumination of unconscious patterns of our life. I will incorporate face energy, personal numerology with elements & symbols on tarot cards to help you see stuff from different vantage points. My intention is to help you use the tools for introspection, personal growth and gain clarity.


All communication is done via email and WhatsApp number +917888524584. I can miss you in my mentions or DMs on social media. 



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