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If you want to change your perspective, gain a better understanding of the energies surrounding your situation, reconnect with your own inherent power to create positive outcomes, and realign/reorganize your habitual thought patterns and internal energetic flow, my intuitive counselling and guidance sessions will cater to your needs. This session uses tarot, numerology and face energy as a medium to get to the heart of your dilemma and incorporates a wide range of topics: -


Relationships — relationship-oriented consultations are designed to bring the underlying energetic dynamics, trust issues, commitment of your relationship to your conscious mind, as well as providing practical spiritual direction for you to move ahead.

Transitions and change - It might sometimes feel like that nothing is working in your favour and you just cannot understand the forces at play.    When we have a larger spiritual or soul context, we may more calmly handle difficult periods of change and transition. Change and transition consultations are designed to help you recover the healing, cantering bird's eye view of your situation and gently encouraging you to move forward. 


Decision-making and choices – Get the advice and knowledge you need to make the best judgments possible, as well as a fresh perspective on the decisions you must make. Emotional blocks, inner child healing, shadow work feeling stuck or stagnated, self-development, spotting angel numbers, dreams and catching omens, self- concept, inner child healing and shadow traits , spiritual growth, daily rituals and the spiritual blockages  will also be discussed in these sessions.


Life path, career and vocation – - Advice on job advancement, how you're being asked to contribute your knowledge and talents to the world, and how you might develop your talents, skills, and service even more.

I will send a private questionnaire to you before we begin. one session is priced at $120.  packages are available too.  4 sessions for  $400. 

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