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Libra Risings : Journey through the Houses

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Sign of libra is the original seventh house now here libra is coming to the first that means the lives of libra risings is mostly dependent upon dealing with other people making negotiations , cracking deals by reaching a point where all sides feel represented. Scorpio ruling their 2nd house, they have a really intense relationship with their family, can feel very emotionally defensive / secretive when it comes to family matters, wealth & income sources, may like spicy food with Mars as rules of 2nd house. Sagittarius ruling their 3rd house, they have a great sense of community with their neighbours, like talking about philosophy, religion, spirituality and their convictions. They have good relationships with siblings & serve role of a mentor in their life. Capricorn ruling their 4th house, we see they have very strict disciplinarian mothers who give the most ruthless practical advice, they love decorating their home because saturn influence loves bringing structure & order. They can have interest in feng shui. Aquarius ruling the 5th house,they can have eccentric hobbies, can be very awkward in expressing romantic love, interest in science, tech & robotics. children can have a hard time fitting in. Pisces ruling the 6th house,they can slack on the routines, irresponsible about debts & very unaware of their enemies. May connect to animals as spirit guides / b extremely devoted & loving towards pets. Aries ruling the 7th house,they often land up in relationships where they learn how to be more assertive & put their own needs first. most important relationships often have under current of competition & strategic dealings. Taurus ruling the 8th house, they prefer maintaining harmony in relationships where joint resources are involved. v private about their romances, can marry into wealth & partners are extremely practical & stability oriented. Gemini ruling the 9th house, they learn through stories & prefer teachers who are more theatrical. Open to listening both sides of story when forming an opinion. funny anecdotes , folklores full of wisdom are what they connect with spiritually. Cancer ruling 10H, they like working in jobs that help them feel safe & nurtured. prone to stress eating at work. Go through lot of fluctuations when it comes to job roles. surrounded by women in authority positions at work. Leo in 11H , social circle can be full of people who are into politics, cinema or sports. they are surrounded by people who have fame & limelight on them most of the time & gains are made through these associations. elder sibling could be v popular too. Virgo 12Hthey are often hiding critiques, very calculated about their investments & expenditures. they may have trouble surrendering to the unknown since they rely on tangible evidence. spiritually connect better with symbols & numbers.

**Planets & aspects will add another layer to the interpretations. This was just based on blank chart & signs that fall over the houses.

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