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1. What did you learn about criticism from your mother? Does that voice still echo in you ?

2. Make a list of five things you criticize yourself for. How long you have been picking on yourself for the same thing without changing?

3. Who are some people (living or not) who exemplify true satisfaction in life to you?

4. What commitments would it feel really good to let go of?

5. What activities do you find stimulating and exciting? What practices do you find nourishing and restorative? what amount of time you dedicate to them ?

6. list creation, rest and consumption analysis of a month.

7. Are there any areas where you are internalizing shame for being who you are or doing things in your own way? Shame comes from internalized opinions.

8. Do any people in your life seem to particularly trigger your fears / unworthiness? Who? What happens? What are some ways you can start taking care of yourself with these people?

9. are you willing to believe you deserve better than what you have received?

10.Think when you hurt someone, where the pain of hurting someone lives in you?

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