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Jealousy and the Devil Card

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Posts that say you attract lot of jealousy always resonate more than you are experiencing jealousy because people want to discard "negative" things. jealousy is portal to everything you deeply desire but are too afraid /ashamed to embody it. you can gently access the desire underneath jealousy without shaming yourself. projecting ill feelings is a sign that you have something inside you which is screaming for your attention. this is part of human experience. Think of jealousy as lid for sacred desires you have been hiding. the devil card represents jealousy in tarot. look at how its design aligns with the lovers card (sacred desire). humans moved/ lived in packs to stay safe, watching your peers has a neuro-biological aspect too. anyways, shadow work if & when you are ready is the answer if you want to honor & excavate real feelings underneath the jealousy. coffee jar :

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